Product Tech Introduction Visbody R Explorer

Visbody R Explorer

As much as poverty and hunger are rising problem in third world countries, Obesity and incorrect posture is major concern of many developed nations and require immediate attention. This is particularly because of the type of lifestyle the majority of the population indulges in the developed countries, which involves a lack of physical activity and processed foods. A method of calculating body fat and understanding the composition of one’s body is a highly recommended method to control one’s weight and reduce the occurrence of unhealthy weight gain amongst the population. Numerous technologies have been introduced in the market for this purpose – however, Visbody R Explorer has established its name due to its immense popularity amongst its consumers and the advanced facilities it offers.

What is the Visbody R Explorer?

Visbody R Explorer is the first 3D body scanner to be ever introduced in the world and involves advanced technologies like BIA and IBS. It comes with five basic components, which include a floor mat, 2 Intel Depth Cameras, 1080 HD LCD Screen, Handles with Electrodes, and an Electrode body composition scale. What makes this machine truly unique is its non-invasive nature and incorporation of turntables which allows a smoother user experience. Moreover, the handles included in the 3D scanner ensure accurate analysis, while the RGB Camera System allows detailed gesture recognition. The equipment as a whole is estimated to weigh 56.5 kg, with the dimensions of the column being 1681mm(H) x 400mm(W) x 685.3mm(T), the dimensions of the Turntables being 74mm(H) x 600mm(Dia) and a Floor Mat with a dimension of 1830mm(L) x 680mm(W).

What Makes Visbody Better Than Its Counterparts?

Traditional technologies with BIA scales may be effectively used for the analyses of human body composition and whether or not these are within the normal range allowing one to know their health status. However, with increased awareness and more education about one’s body, health is not the only thing the majority cares about in the world we live in today. While other technologies allow body composition analysis, Visbody R Explorer has the ability to use its 3D optical scanning technology to present a high-quality three-dimensional model of one’s body within a matter of seconds. This not only allows an accurate assessment of the body composition but also helps track body shape, correct posture, and circumference of various regions of the body. It not only gives the users all the measurements they require but also provides a detailed report of their body scan, which helps them analyze their progress in a much easier to understand manner.

The Visbody R Explorer, with its advanced setups and variety of user-friendly options, allows a number of measures to be made and is considered a go-to all-in-one solution for all body measurements. These include:

  • Measurement of Body Circumference

The body circumferences which can be measured using Visbody R Explorer include the circumference of the arms, leg, chest, waist, and hip, which is accurate to a millimeter level.

  • Construction of 3D Body Avatar

Visbody R Explorer allows the construction of a 3D body avatar in only 40 seconds. This avatar is highly precise and rotatable, which is made using high-quality 3D reconstruction technology.

  • Body Composition Analysis

By including technologies like IBS and BIA, Visbody R Explorer allows the analysis of different body compositions to ensure accurate results.

  • Assessment of Static Posture

The High quality, 3D bone point detection technology incorporated into the Visbody R Explorer, allows it to evaluate the balance on one’s head, shoulder, waist, knees, and legs using the 3D avatar.

3D Body Scan

The 3D scan technology incorporated into the Visbody R Explorer allows the construction of 3D models of the individuals, which may be used to gain data and measurements of their posture, temperature, composition, and the overall functions of the body. These 3D models allow one to see, understand and analyze their body as no other scans can. This is because this technology combines the use of Artificial intelligence and optical three-dimensional reconstruction technology, which is able to demonstrate results accurately within a millimeter.

What is KinectFusion Technology?

KinectFushion allows an individual to recreate an entire indoor scene in the form of a 3D reconstruction using a Standard Kinect Camera. What makes this different from other techniques is that KinectFusion allows the use of depth perception to create a very precise and high definition three-dimensional model of a scene in real-time. The way in which the Kinect Camera is able to achieve this is via using a structured light technique, which allows it to generate depth maps with range measurements in real-time.

Visbody Technological Innovation

The 3D Body Shape Tracker Found inside Visbody R Explorer displays accurate results and allows reconstruction according to the unique characteristics of every individual’s body. A major technological innovation in Visbody R Explorer also involves its high stability and overcomes the difficulties faced by traditional technologies – particularly due to the continuous movements of the human body.

3D Body Assessment

The 3D boy assessment technology in Visbody R Explorer allows complete metabolic assessment of the body, with accurate results. However, unlike other technologies used for body assessment, Visbody R Explorer is much more affordable and is comparatively radiation-free – which makes it a popular choice and a much safer option. Moreover, the ability of the 3D body assessment technology to conduct hundreds of different measurements automatically makes it very efficient and saves time for both the health professional and the patient as they don’t have to conduct all the measurements one by one.

The 3D Body Assessment by Visbody R Explorer is conducted via two main steps. These include:

First Step

The main information that is collected via the human body model recognition and the understanding algorithm is used to identify the major bone points on a 3D model. After the three-dimensional model has been set up, the computer itself cannot understand the association between the different parts of the body and the key areas identified and requires another tool to identify them. The 3D body assessment allows the computer to completely understand and identify the different parts, so it can understand the relations between them and come to an analysis. It uses deep learning algorithms to divide the different parts of the body and identify key points on each of these divisions.

Second Step

Next, the posture of the model is identified by comparing the deviations between the actual bone points on the model to their ideal positions. This helps identification and analysis of the posture problems of an individual.

Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis

What is Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA)?

Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis is a popular method used to measure body water by passing an alternating current through the body. This current is totally harmless for the body and is passed between the upper and lower limbs, after which the opposition by the body to this current is measured. This opposition gives an analysis of the total body water. Even though it was first used to measure the fat-free content of the body, there have been numerous studies and investigations on the potential of this technique ever since. It is now used via various variations of frequencies and greater accuracy than ever before.

Visbody Technological Innovation

Visbody R Explorer comprises a five segments system, which has a total of 8 electrodes and uses a three-band bioelectrical impedance method. This helps it measure the composition of the body accurately and the data collected being stable. The features of the BIA technology found in Visbody R Explorer, which makes it highly popular, include:

Multiple Frequencies

The ability of Visbody R Explorer to include multiple frequencies into its Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis system makes it superior to other BIA systems. While the low-frequency setups may be used to measure the extracellular water in the body, the high-frequency systems can be used to measure the total water of the body simultaneously. This can also allow the calculation of Intracellular water by subtracting the extracellular water from the total body water. Hence you will not need two different body composition machines to measure this; Visbody R Explorer allows all the measurements to be made simultaneously using its multiple frequency method.

Point Tactile Electrode System

Point Tactile Electrodes System included in the Visbody R Explorer makes it much more efficient than its counterparts due to the less time it takes to make the measurements. The time that this feature allows it to save makes it ideal not just for a clinical setting but also for clinical trials and epidemiological studies where the experts require to make a large number of measurements in less time.

Direct Segmental Measurements

Direct Segmental Measurements allows the measurements and analysis of the sub-compartments in an individual – especially when they have abnormal fluid distribution in the body. Moreover, the data that may be collected through direct segmental measurements may also be sued for the prediction of the whole body components in cases when the individual is malnourished or if there is a shortage of time.

Visbody Intelligence System

The Visbody Intelligent System includes unique features like Smart System, Cloud Body File, and Intelligent Human-Computer Interaction which makes it much more convenient to use and helps achieve maximum tasks with minimum effort from the user.

Smart System

Smart System allows the user to get data reports in multiple languages, which allows it to cater to a larger audience. This includes English, Japanese, and Spanish, along with many other commonly spoken languages around the world. Other than its multi-language support, it also acts as your virtual calculator and does not require you to undergo extensive calculations with its automatic unit conversion system – according to your requirement. It also has a remote update technology, so it is able to serve the user with the latest software and algorithm every time.

Cloud Body File

The Visbody Intelligent System includes a Cloud Body File, which helps store all your data in one place so that you may be able to go back to old measurements and reports anytime you want. This will also allow you to compare new results with old results, which in turn can be used to evaluate a patient’s progress and track data trends. It also supports numerous methods of viewing, which include electronic reports, paper reports, and soon-to-be-available mobile reports as well.

Intelligent Human-Computer Interaction

Visbody Intelligent System also encourages easy human-computer interaction by introducing intelligent voice systems, smart gesture recognition, along numerous other interaction methods. This makes the overall experience for the user much more pleasant and easy to understand for individuals who are not as tech-savvy.