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Customer Cases

ISMAC From Bahrain

We received your Visbody R Explorer 3D body scanner machine. It performed very well. Its professional reporting and intelligent voice guidance are very advanced, our athletes can quickly complete the test and get the report. We are using it at the highest level place named AlDoy International Sports & Martial Arts Centre in Bahrain and next to the Bahrain Taekwondo Association, and it will be perfectly showcased for countries in the Middle East.

Thanks for your professional services and smart products, we will work together to expand the Middle East market and promote your brand to more partners.

Sharing the Olympic Spirit.

Customer Cases

Consultorio Smart From Paraguay​

I am a nutritionist, specialist in Functional Nutrition, aesthetic nutrition and innovation and food. I work in a smart clinic, own a spa, and represent Qualinova in Paraguay, an innovative supplement company. I love innovation in the area of ​​health and wellness.

Smart clinic is a new approach to patient care where the best in technology, innovation and emotional intelligence are offered, tools that are currently essential for the patient to reach their goals.

Body composition is essentially dissecting exactly what you’re made up of. Undergoing body composition analysis can help you understand your body weight on a deeper level by telling you your body fat percentage, bone density, and lean muscle mass. As a nutritionist, these data are very important to carry out an adequate follow-up to the patient.

I choose to buy Visbody R because I think is the best device It’s the only one that combines body composition measurement and body posture analysis together. I have online technical guide support and software updated.

The advantages of offering a 3D body scanner for my patients will give them an edge over others using the traditional measurements. My patients can better appreciate the changes in their bodies and the results of their treatment with technology to give them a better experience. They love the Visbody because they have the results of their measurements and use them to improve physical training and they feel more motivated when visualizing the changes in 3D.



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