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  • 100% Real Body Avatar
  • 15 Body Composition Analysis
  • 9 Accurate Posture Analysis
  • 4 shoulder function assessments
  • Handles allowing fast and accurate analysis
  • RGB camera supports gesture and posture recognition
  • Turntable automatic rotation provides a smoother user experience.
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Visbody R-Explorer

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How Can Visbody R Explorer Help?

Increase Revenue

1. We pride ourselves on providing one of the best sales and retention tools. Convert and draw new clients through social media to your club.

2. Body scans tests can be charged as an added-value service.

Apprise and engage

1. 3D Avatars facilitate effective decision-making that considers all possible factors.

2. Proficient body composition report provides users with a more practical and accurate analysis.

3. Client cases and testimonials can serve as case studies for evaluating and educating future potential customers.

Save time and energy

1. Dashboards are provided to manage and monitor progress and customer dates in the most efficient manner.

2. In addition, We provide remote updates and further technical support.

Grow Your Business

Visbody R-Explorer

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Why Choose Visbody R Explorer?

Visbody R-Explorer vs. Competitor Scanners

Grow Your Business

With all of the functionality, the Visbody R-Explorer will be an investment with a high ROI if it is incorporated into your business correctly! 

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