Visbody R-Explorer

The accurate and precise new generation Visbody R-Explorer provides 3d avatar and body composition analysis and simultaneously includes shoulder function evaluation with a turntable delivering a significantly efficient experience. We ensure your business can reach its goals by providing advanced analysis technology to make your customers’ experience unforgettable.

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Visbody R Explorer



  • 100% Real Body Avatar
  • 15 Body Composition Analysis
  • 9 Accurate Posture Analysis
  • 4 shoulder function assessments
  • Handles allowing fast and accurate analysis
  • RGB camera supports gesture and posture recognition
  • Turntable automatic rotation provides a smoother user experience.

The self-service kiosk allows users to have the option to scan themselves privately, making them feel comfortable with the technology, saving time, and being very useful during social distancing as well.


Provide your members, clients, or patients with an authentic 3D experience.

Precise before/after visuals that aid in monitoring change.

  • Rotate, Pan, or Zoom to view any angle
  • Touch and user-friendly experience
  • Integrated with protected cloud-based backend.

After measurement, the coach will assist you in signing in to the Visbody website and getting your report with a unique code. Moreover, you can send your report to your mailbox with just one click.


Body Composition Analysis displays the weight of Total Body Water, protein, inorganic salts and body fat mass. Body weight is the total of these four components. It also allows the users to predict their muscal mass and lean body mass.

Segmental Fat Analysis shows segmental fat mass, body fat percentage and assessment. The percentage value refers to the ratio of the segmental muscle/fat content to the segmental muscle/fat content under the standard body weight.

Scoring index allows the subjects to have a comprehensive understanding of their body composition. When the subject's body fat mass gradually approaches the normal standard value range, the muscle weight increases, and the body composition condition improves, the subject's health score will increase accordingly.

Muscle-Fat Analysis use line graphs to provide a comparison between weight, skeletal muscle mass, and body fat mass. And help evaluate whether it is within the standard range, based on the user's height.

Obesity Analysis consists of some basic parameters, which include the Percentage of Body Fat, Body Mass Index, Wait and Hip Ratio, Basal Metabolic Rate, and Visceral Fat Levels. The obesity analysis allows you to understand the current levels of obesity in your body and the potential risk of obesity-related diseases in the future.

Body Composition History includes Weight, Muscle Mass, and Body Fat Percentage. After a Visbody Test is taken, results are saved onto the device and can be recalled if ID is entered at the begining of the test. The basic purpose of the Body Composition History is to allow you to track your progress over time.

Visbody R-Explorer Result Sheet

Use the Result Sheet to reveal key insights that will help guide your consultations.

Visbody R-Explorer vs. Competitor Scanners


More Visual than BIA scale

BIA scales can analyze human body composition and tell individuals whether various parameters are within the normal range, helping them evaluate their health. However, so many other factors other than health need to be considered.

Visbody simultaneously uses BIA technology and 3D optical scanning technology to generate 3D models. Recording and tracking the body shape, posture, and circumference present the body change process in precise vision.

Our 3D Avatars are more intuitive and convincing, which is used to motivate & educate your clients leading to a meaningful client experience.

More Accurate than other 3D body scanners

Other 3D scanners only analyze the model’s body surface, resulting in an uncomprehensive report. Visbody uses professional BIA technology for body composition analysis. It provides:

  • The real 3D body avatar.
  • Fifteen key body composition measurements.
  • Nine critical posture assessments for your clients to know their body status effortlessly.

It also develops detailed body reports to serve every member of your gym, medical center, or aesthetics center. Using an 8-Point Tactile Electrode System and Segmental Multi-Frequency Bioelectrical Impedance measurement allow Visbody devices to achieve a heightened level of preciseness.


Visbody is a high-tech company with 3D body measurement technology, and Visbody R Explorer is just the fitness tester we need. In China and other places, fitness equipment and fitness tester of fitness clubs have all been connected with the Internet of Things, and health clubs are used as tools for health management and government use fitness clubs to manage health in order to prevent lifestyle diseases, and demanded that the activities of fitness clubs be considered as the acquisition of exercise data and the acquisition of physical function data.



The emergence of Visbody-R is the answer to our search for equipment that increases value to our service.For us Visbody-R starts a new era in customer service, not only in the area of well being but in all areas of intervention in health and well-being.

PHIVE CEO Carlos Morgado

Visbody R-Explorer


Intel depth camera, Class 1 infrared laser for scanning, 100% safety to human
Built-in intelligent voice prompt system
Screen size:
17.3 inches/40x25cm
Measurement technology:
Frequency for impedance measurement (Hz)
5K 50K 250k
Imaging Technology:
AI Visual and Optical 3D Modeling Technology
Operating Environment:
Temperature 10℃~ 40℃/50℉~104℉
Humidity 10%~90%RH
Height Range (Posture & Circumference):
Height Range (Dynamic Labs):

Age Range:
10-99 years old
Device weight capacity:
Turntable weight capacity:
Device Measurement:
Column: 1681mm(H)*400mm(W)*685.3mm(T)
Turntable: 74mm(H)*600mm(Dia)
Floor Mat:1830mm(L)*680mm(W)
Device Weight:
Column: 46.5kg
Turntable: 10kg


15 Body Composition Analysis
Weight; Lean body mass; Muscle mass; Body water; Inorganic salts; Protein; Body fat mass; SMM; BFP; BMI; WHR; Basal metabolic rate; Visceral fat level; Segmental fat analysis; Segmental lean analysis

9 Automatic Circumference Measurement

Left upper arm; Right upper arm; Chest; Waist; Hip; Left thigh; Right thigh; Left leg; Right leg

9 Posture Analysis

Forward head posture; Head tilt; Rounded shoulders posture(left side); Rounded shoulders posture(right side); Uneven shoulders; Anterior pelvic tilt; Posterior pelvic tilt; Left knee evaluation; Right knee evaluation
Dynamic Labs(new)

Power Supply: 

100-240Vac 8-4A 50-60Hz

Network Interface: 



Human voice guide+Gesture recognition/ Manual operation

Report Form:

PDF/Paper report/Webpage report

Data Storage: 

Automatically save all data/Remote viewing data report/Data report backup

Data Management:

Dashboard website

Supported Printer Model:

Epson L1119; HP1112

*Please consult Visbody to confirm whether other models are available



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